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Like us, you probably appreciate how life-affirming it is when you’re experiencing a brilliant new musical

It’s not just wonderful entertainment. It’s that alchemy of the shared experience, and the emotional journey we all go on together as the characters sing through their hopes, challenges and joys, and we’re all moved and transformed by the time we’re applauding together. Perhaps you also appreciate just what an epic feat it’s often been for the many creatives, producers and development partners to shepherd a new musical over years of hurdles so that it reaches audiences.

Support & Collaborate

We’re looking for supporters who want to achieve improvements. Collaborate with us to create more opportunities for new musicals to be developed and staged around the UK. Your support – whether it be collaboration on an initiative, sponsorship of an event, or a donation towards MTN’s existing activities – is an investment in UK-based musical theatre talent. Your support ensures there are musical theatre development opportunities for all in this country, regardless of background, so that tomorrow’s musical theatre is as diverse as tomorrow’s musical theatre audiences. If you value new musical theatre as an art form, and want to ensure tomorrow’s musical theatre visionaries don’t give up due to lack of financial privilege, then let’s talk about how we can work together to be the change we want to see.

'On Hostile Ground' presenting at BEAM2021 - having participated in MT Darkroom

Let's work together to benefit UK musical theatre

MTN has an ambitious UK-wide mission, which can only be achieved through working in partnership. Let’s explore how we can achieve more through collaboration.

Arts Council England supports the consortium of MTN and MMD, and this annual grant covers the majority of existing staff costs, but a minimum of £40,000 must be fundraised annually to support our year-round programme of events and development initiatives. The new musical theatre sector is fast evolving from a historically London-centric focus to a more diverse development infrastructure that is based on partnerships across the country, spanning subsidised theatre, higher education, independent and commercially produced stagings. MTN’s role is often to facilitate connections and cross-pollinate bits of information from one conversation to another. All our activities and initiatives are delivered in collaboration with a wide range of partners across the country. Some bring building-based resources to the partnership, some bring specialist expertise or communications networks, and some bring financial resources. Our mission overlaps with several funders’ missions, and we’re always looking for further supporters whose aims similarly coincide with ours. Our current delivery is only limited by existing resources, so we’d love to talk about how we could work together to achieve more in areas where your ambitions and ours align. Let’s collaborate for the benefit of the UK’s new musical theatre sector – now and in the future!


Ways to support

Individual donations go directly towards supporting our year-round programme of sector and professional development events and initiatives, and towards paying freelance creatives to participate in initiatives like BEAM showcases and panels.

Sponsor a future event or initiative. We’re always looking for partners to help us achieve the full potential impacts of our BEAM industry showcases, pitching days around the UK, UK Musical Theatre Conferences, strategic round tables and talent development initiatives. We’d love to be offering more in-person events around the UK and launching new initiatives – and we’re always keen to have conversations about a new initiative you’d like us to make a reality in partnership with you.

Support the staging of a new UK musical. We’re in contact with many producers and creatives who are developing new musicals and struggling to make a fully-staged production a reality. MTN is ideally positioned to broker development support, and can administrate seeding fund or risk underwriting grants to ensure financial support is directed towards projects with the most potential to achieve significant things with the right backing.

Becoming a member of MTN is one of the main ways of supporting our activities and helping us to achieve our mission. We’re very grateful to individuals who choose to join MTN at the ‘Individual plus donation’ rate of £100 per annum, which includes an annual donation of £50 towards our activities.