Written by Jon Hare
Presented by PlayWell Productions

Written in celebration and commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of the RNLI

A new musical spanning two centuries of saving lives. Two witnesses to a maritime disaster set out to change the course of history, while a modern-day coxswain’s daughter aims to earn her place on the lifeboat.

Writer Jon Hare has been inspired by lifeboats since early childhood holidays on a houseboat in Salcombe in the 70s. Stories of incredible rescues, triumphing against the odds, and, of course, sacrifice and loss against that most unpredictable and deadly ancient maritime foe – the sea. And behind those crews, for as long as lifeboats have launched, the incredible support of the communities who watch loved ones take to the waves to save the lives of friends and strangers alike.

There are too many stories to tell in one musical, but detailed research and conversations with the crews themselves have led to this folk-infused tribute to all who have served, and those who have stood and continue to stand with them today in this, their 200th year.

With Courage is for all of them and all who will continue to follow in their (yellow) boots.