Five Ushers punching their fist to the sky. Ushers sign in lights

Set in a West End theatre, USHERS: The Front of House Musical follows a working shift in the lives of the stagiest people in the theatre – the front of house staff – who portray the hilarious, ridiculous and moving stories of ice-cream and programme sellers who dare to dream…

A preview performance of a new jukebox musical is due to take place, a three-year workplace romance is on the rocks, an untrained newbie is working her first shift and the amorous manager is under pressure to cut costs. What could possibly go wrong?

USHERS: The Front of House Musical brings together the writing talents of Yiannis Koutsakos (music & lyrics), James Oban (lyrics) and BBC comedy actor James Rottger (book). Directed by Max Reynolds and Produced by James Steel and Maryann Wright, the musical has big, bold company numbers, Fosse-like confectionary choreography and a script with heart, soul and an ice-bucket full of laughs.