This summer Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre transports you back to New York City!  

In the tumultuous heart of 19th-century New York’s infamous Five Points neighbourhood, chaos and crime dictate destinies.  

John Morrissey, an ambitious Irish immigrant, climbs the treacherous ladder of the American dream, simultaneously rising as a formidable gang leader and politician, navigating the perilous underbelly of society in pursuit of his version of success.  

American gangster and leader of the Bowery Boys, William ‘The Butcher’ Poole clashes with Morrissey, sparking a riveting power struggle – leading to devastating consequences.   

Meanwhile, two star-crossed lovers find solace in each other’s arms, defying the boundaries of their feuding families and the unforgiving streets they call home. 

A riveting exploration of love, betrayal, and power in a city in flux. This new adaptation by Keiran Lynn draws from a compelling non-fiction account, against a pulse-pounding original score, revealing the wicked lives of those who carved their destinies in New York’s most notorious neighbourhood.