After a sold-out presentation of Act 1 as part of MTFestUK 2024, the new musical REDCLIFFE returns with public workshop performances that offer a first look at the full.

REDCLIFFE is written by Jordan Luke Gage (Bonnie & Clyde, Heathers, &Juliet) and is based on the true events of William Critchard and Richard Arnold in Redcliffe, Bristol in the 1750s and is an epic tale of forbidden love during the persecution people faced for hundreds of years.

William is feeling the pressure to find a wife whilst also being the breadwinner to his family. His mother’s nagging doesn’t help. When he meets Richard, he unlocks a world he had never dared to explore before and it’s clear there is no going back.

Set to lead the workshop performances are Jordan Luke Gage as William and Liam Tamne as Richard.