Music by Alastair William King and Perry Liu
Lyrics by Perry Liu
Book by Perry Liu, Joe Calarco and Alastair William King

OUTLAWS is a rock musical about Billy the Kid – the most notorious outlaw of the Wild West – from his humble beginnings, through his rise to infamy and finally, his inevitable demise from a single gunshot at the age of only 21.

OUTLAWS is also the story of any teenage boy who lives during a time when the rules of society are blurred, guns are easily accessible and fame is celebrated, no matter how or why it’s achieved.

OUTLAWS is about growing up in America. Running from his troubled family and his first tangles with the law, Billy falls in with Pat Garret, another teenage misfit. They become a gang, pulling in outsiders Charlie, Chavez and Tom, and before long they’re causing adolescent mischief and havoc wherever they turn.

Once they meet Celsa, a young single mother filled with regrets, she and Billy become lovers and they all head west to California, running away from the lives they’re trying to leave behind, searching for excitement and freedom. However, everything changes when Billy’s gun fires the first fatal shot!