Prepare to be mesmerized by the incredible talents of our performers as they bring the stage to life with their captivating melodies and captivating storytelling.

With its enchanting blend of afrobeats and Nigerian music, dance and drama, MW the musical! promises to take you on an emotional journey like no other as it delves into the complexities of human relationships. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and be moved by the heartfelt performances by top Nigerian and British actors such as Kehinde Bankole, Bimbo Ademoye, Nedu “Wazobia” Ani that will leave you wanting more.

Whether you’re a fan of musicals or simply looking for a night of entertainment, this in-person event is not to be missed. Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music and let the power of music and drama transport you to a world of joy and wonder.