Pentabus and New Perspectives, two rural touring theatre companies, will co-produce new musical Make Good.

Shedding light on the recent Post Office scandal, the partnership marks a significant milestone – both companies will celebrate their 50th anniversaries this year.

The scandal, which saw over 900 sub-postmasters wrongly prosecuted due to incorrect information from Fujitsu’s Horizon computer system, gained public attention through the recent ITV drama Mr Bates vs The Post Office.

Make Good is based on interviews with sub-postmasters affected by the scandal (in a similar way to how Come From Away was based on interviews with those stranded in Gander in September 2001), highlighting the struggle of those plagued with false accusations and the ensuing hardships they faced. The musical, three years in the making, captures the resilience and bravery of these individuals as they fought to prove their innocence.

The creative team behind the show are some of the most notable individuals working right now – writer Jeanie O’Hare (Queen Margaret) was previously director of New Work Development at the Public Theater in New York, and Chair of Playwriting at Yale School of Drama. The musical’s composer and lyricist is Jim Fortune (Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear), while there is additional music and lyrics by Maimuna Memon (Manic Street Creature) and additional material by Ed Gaughan (Skeletons). Elle While, artistic director of Pentabus, will direct.