Vision, Mission & Values


Vision – Musical Theatre Network – supporting and creating opportunities for new musical theatre in the UK.



 Mission –  MTN brings people and resources together to improve infrastructure and opportunities for new musical theatre in the UK. Its membership is a national network of venues, producers, colleges, organisations and individuals. In partnership with its members, MTN works to strengthen and diversify the new musical theatre sector nationwide, and so support development of the artform. MTN works with, and on behalf of, its membership to:







  • Advocate for increased support of new British musical theatre – greater investment in terms of money and time, more productions, and growing audiences


  • Facilitate improved communication, more connections and closer collaboration within a diverse, UK-wide musical theatre community


  • Encourage best practice in staging new musical theatre and nurturing the artform’s development













Innovation – we have a passion for work that takes a fresh look at the form


Diversity – we are committed to supporting work that reflects a variety of perspectives


Reach – our members, both individual and organisational, are drawn from all over the UK, and beyond


Connectivity – we encourage connections across creative practice


Partnership – we work in collaboration with a wide variety of organisations to achieve our goals













Conference attendee
“I can't think of a day I have spent in musical theatre that was more constructive than yesterday, thank you for facilitating such a good event - and I've been to a few in life!”
Conference attendee