1p5b4049 Musical Theatre Network was set up in 2005 to meet an identified need for a forum to champion musical theatre and provide a resource for all those working in the genre. Since that point we have grown into an organisation that has attracted members from the largest theatre owners and producers through independent directors and producers to educational establishments and the most adventurous Fringe theatre spaces.

In partnership with Mercury Musical Developments we make up part of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio and are one of only three organisations supporting the development of new musical theatre to be funded in this way.

There are two of us at MTN: James Hadley (Executive Director) and Rosie Archer (Membership & Communications Manager). We’re based in offices at the Ambassadors Theatre in Leicester Square which we share with our partners at MMD. For a bit more information on either of us and how we ended up at MTN, click here.

The company is governed by a board of directors; for more information on any of these individuals, just click here.




Zara Nunn
"BEAM2016 was a blast! The atmosphere, the energy, the vast array of varied and original work combined with the finely oiled scheduling machine that ran like clockwork made it a joyous way to spend a couple of days."
Zara Nunn