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Lorraine & Alan: Winner MTN Award 2014

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The Future for Beginners: Winner MTN Award 2014









Angela Darcy Winner 2014 MTN Award for Janis Joplin: Full Tilt


Symphony – Winner MTN Award 2014








We are delighted to announce that, in collaboration with Curve, Leicester, we are launching our first Musical Theatre Network Development Award, which will be offered to an artist or company presenting work at the Edinburgh Fringe. It is designed to identify individuals or organisations demonstrating real potential in the creation of new musical theatre, which might be a company experimenting with new styles, a composer showing skill in creating original work or a creative team using song and music in different ways.

One Award will be offered each year and the recipient(s) will receive a bursary of £1,500 from MTN together with a week’s worth of development time and space provided by Curve, Leicester. The way in which this bursary and support can be used will be tailored to suit the recipient(s) – they might choose to develop the piece shown at Edinburgh, to start work on something new or they may have other ways in which they wish to experiment with the form. The recipient(s) will be provided with a mentor who can help to support their development in the medium to long term and MTN and Curve will also maintain an ongoing dialogue and support.


To be eligible for this Award:


1.) The artist or company will have a commitment to musical theatre and an ongoing interest in exploring the artform

2.) The work will use music and song to drive the narrative in a significant way

3.) The work will be produced by a professional company/artist or a Drama UK-accredited school working with a professional creative team

4.) This will be the first production of the show and it will not have been shown at the Edinburgh Fringe before

5.) If you are an overseas company or artist you must be able to come to the UK for your development period

6.) The production will need to be available to be seen by at least two assessors by 2am on 22nd August and by our judges between 22nd and 6pm on 27th August.

To register for the Award please contact us here.


We look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh – Follow us on @MTheatreNetwork #MTNAward15







Tim Levy, New York Producer & Bob Boyett Productions
"MTN... highlighting new talent, showcasing pieces of development work that needs to be taken further and acting as a forum to produce more and better music theatre in the UK."
Tim Levy, New York Producer & Bob Boyett Productions